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    This week has been website-work nearly 'round the clock. Not being able to leave the house (due to Atlanta's second Snowmageddon) may be a good thing... as we have a lot still to do to set up our brand-new home on the internet!

    Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! We want to wish you one full of chocolate, love, and shalom, even if this holiday did, originally, have something to do with a Saint. We know many Jewish Americans observe acknowledge suffer this day.

    So for those of us who partake in chocolate, flowers, romance or Voo Doo dolls on February 14th, here's a guide from our friends at Jewrotica: How to Spoil Your Funny (Jewish American) Valentine which includes several of our items. 

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    From Frog to Prince! What Goes Around Comes Around... I remember those harsh love-days of past, where my Valentine was either non-existent or "on the rocks". Nothing is worse during these times than a glaring, made-up Hallmark holiday, seemingly screaming at you: you don't have love. Haven't Found One Yet? With compassion to all of you out there who are in this place, I've chosen a few items for that are anti-Valentine's Day. Love or Love Not This Too Shall Pass From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts

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    The Cool Jew Love Day Giveaway Celebrates Tu'B'Av With Sweet and Sexy GiftsUpdate, August 5: Our winner is Wendy W. from Tampa, FL"I love the optimism of Judaism- that the actions of an individual and the actions of Jewish society as a whole can perfect the world and bring about massive change, resulting in world peace and unlimited joy. Every choice we make gives us the option of living spiritually, and every step we take is on holy ground. It makes me happy just thinking about it."Much love to everyone...