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    Google Post II: What's Important to Jew?

    Interesting. We are discussing Google policies and then I get an email from my Aunt to sign a petition to get Jew Watch removed from the top of Google's organic search results. That Jew Watch comes up first is true. You can google it now and see. The petition is also real and reports over 300,000 people have "signed" it. But, truly, there is no way Google is going to alter their organic search results. As we are learning, Google is hyper-governing (if inconsistent) with their paid advertising and completely laissez faire with their organic search. And, at least the laissez faire part, makes sense. The organic search is like the public's "vote" for important and relevant information for the keyword. Unfortunately some quack has created a monolithic site and apparently lots of other quacks link to it. Jew Watch is important and relevant to quacks searching for quackery on Jews.

    How about you, Jew? Got a website? LINK TO what is important to you about Jews NOW:

    I choose Wikipedia's article on Jews.