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    What's New On ModernTribe

    Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers by Jonathan Adler. Renowned designer Jonathan Adler creates whimsical ceramic gems that shine with his signature "happy chic" motif. We present to you his Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers.

    Adler has created some amazing Judaica for the contemporary design customer. Some of our other favorites are the Enamel Menorah, Eve Candleholders, and the Bird Bowls.

    What do penguins have to do with Judaica? Not much. Though when I was a kid I loved penguins...and I still do.

    Craftsman Elephant Mezuzah for a Child. The Craftsman Elephant Mezuzah by Lev Studios introduces a new theme to ModernTribe. This sand-blasted, hand-painted maple wood mezuzah with Swarovski crystals is neo-folk and modern. The delicacy of the woodland motif reveals a cute little elephant and is adorable for a child's doorpost.

    The Craftsman style is a great look for anyone who likes the "urban cottage" feel of primitive home decor in a contemporary setting.

    ModernTribe also carries this youthful look in the Elephant Menorah, Ladybug Mezuzah and Ladybug Tzedakah Box.

    Hip Hop Alef by Swedish Designer Anne-Marie Bernhardt. Since Aleph is my name, you have to know I'd include an aleph/alef product any chance I can! We are very excited to bring you this piece from Anne-Marie Bernhardt´s Jewish Jewelry Collection. Anne-Marie is a jewelry designer, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and educated and living in Stockholm, Sweden. A Swedish Jew designing Jewish jewelry: you'll only find this at ModernTribe!

    The Hip Hop Alef is sterling silver and measures 22 mm x 23 mm (about .9 inches in diameter). It's on a 17" heavy sterling rectangular link chain.

    We also have the pendant on a 20" cable chain.

    Have a great week and Happy Shopping!

    Writing About My Trip To Israel: A Note

    I've been thinking a lot about how I should write about my trip to Israel. Israel is an emotional, political, historical, and spiritual topic for me, as it is for many Jewish bloggers. However, what I try to do with ModernTribe and this blog is present a different side of Israel. Aesthetics, beauty and cleverness in design, what is fresh and new in the design world in Israel (and the space of Judaica across the world), is the focus. I want to expose the world to a different angle other than what we usually see on the evening news or at Temple and thus give people another way to see and perhaps connect to Israel. Therefore, my blog posts about my trip will largely focus on design and culture. But know, dear readers, Israel moves me in all the other ways too. And a trip to Israel is, most importantly, about deepening ones understanding of politics, history, and spirituality. But, while doing those things, I urge you to notice and enjoy the very new and exciting things happening in design, fashion, art and architecture in this thriving nation.

    Reach Out Touch Me: Jewelry Design from Israel Gets Physical

    By Ziva Haller Rubenstein of Designist Dream

    Shopping is a sensual experience for me in that I like to touch things on view or on sale. More than just look or pull off the rack, actually playing with the fabric or material gives me a better sense of the object - how it will wear, drape, endure, draw attention or compete with other things on my shelves. So maybe now you can understand why seeing these bracelets by Israeli Jewelry Designer Dana Hakim Berkovich behind a glass at the Designed in Israel 08 exhibition was so upsetting for me.


    First off, what immediately attracted me was their texture. The woven braids on the cuffs and bracelets seemed so intricate and layered that my fingers literally started walking across them atop the glass just itching to cop a feel. Then, reading the artist's statement, I realized they were made of cardboard - egg crate cardboard to be more specific! That's right, not what you first think of when you hear of textural jewelry or think of coveted bracelets. Berkovich cuts diamond shapes into the cardboard and when rounding them into the bracelet shapes generates a 3D effect - what I thought originally was a woven pattern. Berkovich's overall technique aims to recycle used materials into beautiful accessories and challenges users to rethink the beautiful and the possible in what we casually throw away.


    A little ways away in the same glass case, Israeli jewelry designer, Yael Friedman, also got my fingers itching. A delicate pewter-metal blend gold Hanukiyah or Chanukah Menorah presented the neatest little DIY project that just couldn't go wrong. A one-dimensional page of metal provided cut outs of semi-circles - each with laser cut decorations - that can be slotted together to form a fully functioning eight-plus-one candle holder. The details gave some light and delicacy to the metal material and the adornment was reminiscent of jewelry techniques. And the idea of being able to mail someone a flat DIY Menorah in time for the holidays? Opens a whole new world of holiday card options. Now if I could only get my hands on these items...

    ~Crossposted from Designist Dream~