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    ModernTribe: PunkTorah Friday!

    Hey, this is Patrick. In addition to working with and singing in the Jewish punk rock band Can!!Can, I do PunkTorah, a website and activism project I founded last April. PunkTorah strives to provide meaningful Jewish spiritual connections to progressive people. The project includes weekly videos, outreach events, public speaking and blogging on several Jewish websites.

    ModernTribe is a great supporter of PunkTorah (you can buy PunkTorah shirts on the website) and is letting PunkTorah take over the blog every Friday. Each week I'm looking forward to sharing with you the best of PunkTorah. For more PunkTorah visit Shabbat Shalom and have a wonderful weekend!

    Here is a short video about PunkTorah:

    Parshat Bereishit (Shot Inside My Kitchen):

    Sukkot Party Home Movie:

    Recipe: Lemon-Mint Juice ala Israel

    Hi - You won't be getting many recipes from me. I don't like to cook and would order in or eat out all the time if we could afford it. However, today was Father's Day, we had friends over and I actually cooked (a little bit). I'm really taken with this recipe so thought I'd share.

    A popular drink in Israel is a lemon-mint flavored soft drink. It has a slight fizz and isn't too sweet. Here is our attempt to re-create this drink at home -- our own original recipe:

    Lemon Mint Juice ala Israel

    2 cups ice cubes
    2 lbs lemons
    3 pints Sprite
    one bunch fresh mint leaves
    1 Tablespoon sugar

    juice the lemons, strain seeds and add to pitcher, over ice cubes
    add approx. 3 pints (3 16.9 oz bottles) Sprite
    chop mint leaves add to pitcher
    stir in 1 T sugar