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    More In Search of a Jewish Wedding Brand That Doesn't Suck

    Copyright Allebach Photography

    Continuing from yesterday's post, here are some other resources I found in my search for independent bride imagery. Bust Magazine, the magazine of record for the indi-woman, in which we advertise ModernTribe, sponsored an event called Unbridaled in Philadelphia on January 10th. Now, this is the kind of wedding expo I wish was around when I was planning my wedding. If you live in Philly, they have a list of Unbridaled vendors for you to check out: everything from independent bakeries, florists, photographers, dress designers, stationary designers -- all, I assume -- who will cater to your off-beat style and won't try to sell you bows and roses (unless, that's what you want, of course).

    I clicked through some of the photographers and was most impressed with Allebach Photographers (a photo of theirs above) whose style is definitely edgy even when they aren't shooting tattooed brides (although, this seems to be a favorite of theirs and they have a blog for photographs of their tattooed brides.)

    Also, somehow I found myself here at Offbeat Bride whose tagline is "Alter your thinking." Ariel Meadow Stallings, the founder of the site, has a book too: Offbeat Bride: Tafetta free alternatives for Independent Brides and an alternative community to The Knot: Offbeat Bride Tribe.