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    Three Funny, Adorable Videos on Matisyahu

    As you've probably already heard, ModernTribe is hosting the Matisyahu/ModernTribe Sweepstakes this month, through November 30.

    Because of our involvement with the sweepstakes, I've been kinda really getting into the Chassid, Reggae, Hip Hop, Beat Box, mega star. Here are three very entertaining videos. Enjoy.

    Matisayhu Interviewing Matisyahu

    Matisyahu on Isreal's Sesame Street (Thank you Shemspeed Records for the find)

    An Interview with Matisyahu's Brother from Heeb magazine (also a partner in our sweepstakes btw)

    Super Jew T + (Party Pooper) Jewish Mag = Deal

    Did you catch Heeb magazine's blog post The 9 Lamest Pieces of “Super Jew” Apparel ? In typical self-hating fashion, Heeb disses Super Jew apparel including their own Super Jew t-shirt knock off.

    Seth Rogen's Super Jew T-Shirt, the one he wears in Funny People, was first on Heeb's list! W00t!

    Then yesterday, a big box of Heeb mag back issues showed up at ModernTribe HQ: 50 copies of "The Chosen Issue" with Jonah Hill (Seth Rogen's sidekick and co-star in Funny People). I thought: perrrrfect, karmic, bashert even: a Super Jew T/Heeb Magazine combo!

    So now, you, lucky reader can get the hottest ("lamest") t-shirt of the year: Seth Rogen's Super Jew t-shirt from Funny People + a copy of Heeb's "The Chosen Issue" with Jonah Hill + a subscription to Heeb Magazine for $34 (the t-shirt alone sells for $24). This deal is only for the next 50 orders. Only on ModernTribe.

    (Please note that Heeb is for adults who are young-at-heart, not the young.)

    LA and DC are Going All Spin!

    Saturday (after sundown, of course) we are proud to be part of two Hanukkah events happening on separate ends of the country. No Limit Texas Dreidel will be played, tournament style, at the Los Angeles Federation Young Leadership Division's Chanukah Bash at the X Bar in Century City and the Young Professionals' Kesher Hanukkah Party of Washington DC at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue.

    Jon Layne of Party Layne, a very popular event production company in LA and Detroit, found NLTD through our Heeb Magazine promotions. He excitedly called and asked how he could integrate NLTD into the annual event which expects 300-400 young adults. I shipped Jon a game and since then he has become sort of a NLTD evangelist because he loves the game so much. Check out Party Layne's Blog to keep up with party trends.

    The Young Professional's Kesher of DC is having all 50 expected guests play NLTD at the same time! The winner and runner up get E-Gift Cards.

    These events are playing NLTD tournaments in very different ways too. Read here about two ways to do NLTD Tournament Style.

    Check back for pictures from these events.

    Week One: Jewish Living & So Much Fun!

    Week One: I've gained five pounds and am developing carpal tunnel.

    The game is selling gangbuster-ly. People are ordering multiple copies which makes our hearts sing. So thank you readers + shoppers (I know you are there even if you don't comment!)

    Last night we did a photoshoot trying to come up with ad content for a new magazine coming out this November: Jewish Living. It's not for most of you Heebsters, I don't imagine. But it looks like it will be a great mag for young women with families. The magazine is going to be sold in Whole Foods. CROSSOVER. It's coming. I'm sure of it. Soon the entire country will be playing dreidel: No Limit Texas Dreidel, of course. Here is a picture from our photoshoot -- this is not for the ad as it promotes dangerous behavior (a small child near fire and small dreidels - oy!)

    Shalom and have an easy fast.

    Welcome Fellow Heebs!

    Today is opening day at It's been a long few weeks working with our webnerds trying to get the site up in time... in time for the banner ad? No. In time for the email blast? Sorta. You, dear Heeb readers, get to see our site first. Voila.

    If you can take a minute to say shalom, tell us who you are and what you think of the site and products so far, we would appreciate it. Be nice: your shopkeepers are tired.