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    Learn Hebrew by Hanukkah!

    Were you sitting in synagogue this year thinking "boy, it would have been nice to be able to follow along." Well, if the High Holidays have sparked your interest in learning Hebrew, then you should take advantage of Read Hebrew America!

    Read Hebrew America offers you the chance to learn Hebrew for FREE. Yes, FREE. In only five 1-1/2 hour weekly sessions, participants learn to read Hebrew in a friendly class setting. Just think, you'll be reading Hebrew by Hanukkah! Classes are offered all across the country, just visit the website to find a class near you. Sign up now, classes start soon!

    For some other fun Hebrew learning tools, visit for the Alef Bet Magnets for kids and Alef Bet Flashcards for people of all ages.

    Looking to learn the Hebrew prayers? We're gaga over the Say-a-blessing Keychain which recites the prayers in both Hebrew and English and offers you the chance to repeat and learn.

    Won't it be nice to be able to follow along? You know it will :)