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    Hamsas On ModernTribe

    The hamsa is the traditional symbol for the "hand of G_d" and is said to provide protection against the "evil eye," other peoples jealousy. This image is popular among the people of North Africa and the Middle East, and is sometimes called the "hand of Miriam," referencing the sister of Moses and Aaron or the "hand of Fatima" in Arabic cultures. The Hamsa motif is very popular in Jewelry and has really gone mainstream American. Hamsa art to hang on the wall is very popular too.

    The Pomegranate Hamsa Trivet by Melanie Dankowicz

    This piece makes a great decoration for the table, or even your wall. Lazercut from stainless steel with delicate touches by hand, this trivet is mounted on acrylic feet to protect your table.

    The pomegranates are a symbol of fruitfulness. It is the perfect addition to the modern Jewish home.

    Regina Allen's Gold Filigree Hamsa Set includes a necklace that is 18k gold filled, with a hand formed clasp, amethyst stones, and glass beads. The chain is 17" and the artist can adjust it for you up to 18". The hamsa pendent is 1" long by 3/4" wide.

    The earrings have amethyst stones and glass beads as well. Earrings are 2" long from the top of the ear-wire with a 1.5" drop from the ear lobe. The charms are each 5/8" long by 3/8" wide.

    Purchase together or separate from ModernTribe.

    Our bestselling hamsa is the bendel bracelet with the hamsa charm. Bendels are the infamous "red strings" adorning the wrists of the Hollywood elite. The red string, symbolizes blood and the life force and is supposed to offer the wearer good luck. So the bendel + hamsa is double lucky.

    Also check out these funky wall hamsas from Israeli design house Adina Plastelina.

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