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    Glam Rock Found at Atlanta Gift Show

    This past week was a big international gift show right in my own back yard: the Atlanta International Gift Show. When I go to these shows I'm there to visit my regular vendors and, of course, look for the totally cool, new Jewish stuff. While walking through the juried Boutique aisles, a bunch of sparkling, candy colored things lured me into a booth. There was nothing Judaic about the line but the mix of chrome and gloss was irresistible. Stunningly, the designer was speaking Hebrew. I'd stumbled upon Glam and Glam Rock by Triple C Designs. The owners are Israeli (living in Brooklyn) and they design glam-punk rock-star jewelry and purse accessories such as keychains, compacts, purse hangers, and pill boxes. Here's the skull motif again (sans Magan David):Take a look at the Glam Rock line (Glam is "coming soon") and tell me what would you like to see on