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    Progressive Jewish Alliances Virtual March for Marriage Equality

    PJA Continues "Love Thy Neighbor" Campaign at March for Marriage Equality

    Love Thy NeighborSend your thoughts about LGBT civil rights to join PJA's Virtual March for Marriage Equality!

    On President's Day, the people of California will gather on the steps of the state capitol to stand together for equality. PJA's new Executive Director, Elissa Barrett, her wife and other PJA supporters will stand with them, carrying your words and thoughts about this vital civil rights issue through the streets of Sacramento.

    To participate, send a sentence or two showing your support for marriage equality to PJA at bayarea@pjalliance.org. You can also send a photo of yourself or your family to be included.

    What's a Jew to do?

    If I was a Jew in San Francisco I'd be at Progressive Jewish Alliance gathering this Thursday in Berkeley. PJA will be screening Hineini, a documentary film entitled "Here I am" in Hebrew, about a student coming out as a lesbian and establishing a gay-straight alliance at a Jewish high school in Boston. You can preview the film here, on the Keshet website.

    The screening is part of PJA's marriage equality campaign, "Bringing the Orange Under the Huppah." PJA is asking that straight couples include an orange under their wedding canopy as a show of support for marriage equality. Read more about PJA's campaign.

    The orange under the huppah is an extension of the new tradition of putting an orange on the Passover seder plate. The orange has become a symbol of Jewish inclusion of gays and lesbians and, in the words of the inventor of the Passover tradition Susanna Heschel, anyone who is "marginalized within the Jewish community."

    Jewish opinion about homosexuality and gay marriage is heated, complex, complicated and way beyond the scope of this blog. But basically, Orthodox opposes, Conservative opinion is mixed, Reform is accepting, and Reconstructionist and Humanistic Judaism support marriage equality. A nice primer is Wikipedia's article on Homosexuality and Judaism.

    No matter how you feel about homosexuality Hineini is sure to give you much to think, discuss and argue about and all Jewish denominations support that.

    Bringing the Orange under the Huppah
    Thursday, October 25, 7:30 pm
    JCC of the East Bay, 1414 Walnut St, Berkeley
    Click here for more information about the event.