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    Overall Best gift for your Jewish Dad: The Amalgamated Menschen International T-shirt celebrates your mensch by declaring him Upright, Honorable, and Decent. On the back, the shirt directs, "Be One!," because, shouldn't we all? Best gifts for the Zionist Dad Instead of kitsch, this Independence T-Shirt is design-forward and a serious Jewish t-shirt. California apparel designers, Threaded Heritage, include Israel's declaration of Independence behind the lion of Judea, Atzmaut (Independence), and 1948.In 66 CE, the Jews rebelled against Roman rule and began to mint their own coins, the shekel, as...

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    As you've probably already heard, ModernTribe is hosting the Matisyahu/ModernTribe Sweepstakes this month, through November 30.Because of our involvement with the sweepstakes, I've been kinda really getting into the Chassid, Reggae, Hip Hop, Beat Box, mega star. Here are three very entertaining videos. Enjoy.Matisayhu Interviewing MatisyahuMatisyahu on Isreal's Sesame Street (Thank you Shemspeed Records for the find)An Interview with Matisyahu's Brother from Heeb magazine (also a partner in our sweepstakes btw) From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts

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    June, 21, 2009 Happy Father's Day!Congratulations to Randie K. and her husband Larry of Portland, OR for winning the Cool Jew Papa's Day Giveaway!Once again, we are really touched by the thoughtful answers to our question about what makes your special man a cool Jew. Each entrant get's a $10 gift code for I have tried to contact each of you individually. If you haven't heard from me, please email me for your code: said... The reason my husband is the coolest Jew is that he wasn't a...