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    Matzoball on Letterman

    We've loved Adam Sandler ever since he first sang The Chanukah Song on SNL. Last night, he continued to make the tribe proud when he filled in for David Letterman. His first guest? Sandler's adorable dog Matzoball. Check out the clip here:

    Looking for some cute Jewish dog accessories? Check out's dog yarmulke and tallis and chumitz bread toy for Passover.

    Celebrity sighting in Israel!

    Leonardo DiCaprio hoped to sneak into Israel this week with his Israeli girlfriend Bar Rapheali. The paparazzi had other plans though! Poor Leo couldn't even eat his pita in peace!

    Jewanabees at Purim

    Madonna and Guy Ritchie dressed as a flapper and cop for the Kabbalah Center's annual Purim bash. We wish this didn't interest us, but heck, it does!