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    Announcing: Relaunch of Jewish Woman + My New Column!

    Jewish Woman Magazine's website is brand new and improved. American Jewish women need a virtual place to congregate. It is my hope that all of us can build this space for Jewish women everywhere to read and share information relevant to today's Jewish living. I'm very proud to present my first contribution: an entry to a column I'll be writing called:

    Identity by Design
    Expressing Jewish Identity Through Judaica
    By Jennie Rivlin Roberts

    Though many of us talk about developing a Jewish identity, what does that really mean? To me, Jewish identity includes what we do Jewishly, what we believe, how we practice Judaism in our homes and with our families, and to what Jewish organizations we belong. Jewish identity is also expressed to ourselves and to others by what we wear, what we read, whether we have Judaica in our homes and what these pieces look like. It can even mean whether we choose to give a Jewish gift for a bar or bat mitzvah or a wedding. In this space in the months to come, I will introduce you to some of the artists and designers who create Judaica and Jewish gifts that speak to us and help us express and build our own Jewish identities, and proudly share them with the world.

    Meet Aimee Golant: Metalsmith

    Aimee Golant is a sixth generation metalsmith who works out of San Francisco, Calif. She has won many honors: The Jewish Museum of New York acquired one of her evocative mezuzahs for its permanent collection and her Barbed Wire Mezuzah travelled into space on the Space Shuttles Columbia and Atlantis. Aimee has created Judaica to benefit Darfur, Sharsheret, the Paper Clips Project, and more. She teaches at several educational institutions in San Francisco, where she lives with her husband and son.

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