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ModernTribe Needs Temporary Space Oct-Dec 2012

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Dear ModernTribe customers, friends, and family,

As the summer is coming to an end very fast (school starts in 10 days?!), ModernTribe is figuring out its options for Holiday 2012.

We've Outgrown Our Basement

Last Hanukkah was -- Ridiculously Uncool -- in our basement warehouse. There is just not enough space for all the cool stuff we sell... and there is more uncool on top of that:

Because of zoning laws in Atlanta, we can only have myself + one person working at any given time. This resulted in ModernTribe having "shifts" -- including an overnight shift -- with a guy working through the night... in my house.

Even with our Hanukkah Elf, we still had trouble keeping up with the volume of packages. We did it -- (and kept our terrific customer service rating on Google). However, the holiday was grueling for me, my employees, and my family.

Our Basement Warehouse... it is no joke... but it is not enough for the Holidays.

It's not As Simple As You Think

"If you are growing... why not just move into a warehouse?"

Typical of small businesses, we are having growing pains. At this point, only during the holiday season can we afford to pay rent on a 3rd party space. It could be that we find a warehouse that allows enough in-store sales that we can keep the 3rd party space. However, this is an unknown, and there is a significant financial risk of signing a long-term lease.

Putting our Request out into the Universe

This is what we need:

A mixed-use space on Dekalb Ave would be ideal.
  • At least 1300 square feet, street level -- allowing us to load and unload.
  • At most, a short-term lease of 6 months maximum. We'd prefer Sept-January. 
  • We must be moved in, drop dead, by October 1.
  • Located on the East side of Atlanta, Downtown to Decatur.
  • Ideal -- to reach our core market -- is on Dekalb Avenue.

What we do not need:

  • Buildout -- we will require little to none.
  • Fanciness -- we'd prefer a big open space with concrete floors and brick walls.

Added Benefit to the Intown Atlanta Jewish Community is an Experiment with a Jewish Third Place

Beyond allowing ModernTribe to continue the successful (albeit small), growing business, this will test the feasibility of having a permanent 3rd party warehouse and showroom.

Depending on the location of the space, we'd like to have a small showroom attached to the warehouse and sell to the public. We know there is an opportunity to offer the growing intown Jewish community a place to buy Jewish gifts + fresh challah on Fridays. We need to know how big is this opportunity. (Where do you get your fresh challah intown Jews?)

Who May Have Such A Space?

  • Real-estate owners with unrented property
  • Business owners who have extra space
  • Business owners trying to get out of a lease
  • You?

We appreciate your help. Serious leads, please write me at

About ModernTribe

Through retail websites and new product development, ModernTribe is making Judaica appealing to the new generation. ModernTribe is a social enterprise with missions of (1) providing products that help people express and share their Jewish identity (or for non-Jews, express their Jewish affinity), (2) providing appealing, effective marketplaces for independent American and Israeli artists and designers and (3) building community through the retail experience.

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