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How Do You Solve A Problem Like... ModernTribe?

Lately, I've been finding myself singing the Sound of Music song, replacing Maria with ModernTribe.

For the nuns, Maria elicits the same mix of compellingness and utter frustration as ModernTribe does for me. My mind subconsciously melds the two and there I find myself: singing.

As the nuns sing, "She's is a darling. She's demon. She's a lamb." 

"She's a headache. She's an angel. She's a girl."

ModernTribe is my growing, small, exciting, gratifying, flailing, frustrating, thankless business.

After 5 years of struggling in a record-breaking bad economy, yet growing every year, ModernTribe is debt-free, self-sustaining, employing two part-time employees, and even paying me a little. There is no emergency here and there are myriad options for its future.

ModernTribe reaches:

  • Jewish American Women ages 25-45
  • 40% do not belong to a synagogue
  • 200K unique visitors per year making 6500 unique purchases

However, ModernTribe does need to do something. ModernTribe is not yet in the right place, and it has not yet reached its potential.

I'm looking for partners to help us grow big or pivot.

If you get that product can strengthen identity and brands can catalyze community, join me to learn about ModernTribe and explore the options. 

Come learn about the details of our business and discuss options for growth or pivot.

New York City: Sunday, January 27th
New York City: Monday, February 4th
Atlanta: Sunday, February 10th

Please RSVP for time and place.


Through retail websites and new product development, ModernTribe is making Judaica compelling to the new generation, delighting and exciting those who are creating Jewish homes. ModernTribe is a for-profit company with social missions of (1) providing Jewish products that help people express and share their Jewish identity and (2) providing appealing, effective marketplaces for independent American & Israeli artists and designers.

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