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Hanukkah Gifts For Kids -- 2010 Hanukkah Gift Guide

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Adam Sandler summed up Hanukkah the best when he belted out “Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights.”  Any one of these presents will guarantee that your Jewish kid is not wishing for a Christmas tree:

While one little piggy went to market and another stayed home, this piggy named Baxter decided he wanted to become Kosher. Now that’s certainly a story to get tickled over. The Kosher Piggy Gift Set ($39.00) includes the hardcover copy of Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher, signed by author Laurel Snyder; Baxter Juggling Kosher Pickles T-Shirt; and a Baxter Shabbat coloring page

Shalom Sesame T-Shirts ($26.00) are the perfect gift for any tot that’s a triple threat - Funny, Cute and Jewish. Choose between Cookie Monster "Nosh", Oscar The Grouch "Oy Vey", Elmo "Mini Mensch", and Zoe "B is For Bubelah,"

Even if on the 6th night you give your child a pair of socks, a pack of Hanukkah Jewish Silly Bands ($5.95 for 24 100% silicone bands that are well-made unlike others we have seen) will insure that it is “fun-akkah.”

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