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Report From LimmudUK: Ten Books Every Jew Should Own by Zvi Solomons

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Reporting live from LimmudUK!
Torah. Hertz.
Tenach. (Talmud)
Siddur. (prayerbook) Jonathan Sachs.

Books about Jewish Knowledge:
Jewish Literacy. Joseph Telushkin, an encyclopedia of newborn history, Jewish par cynical, israel. Short nuggets of useful info.

The Book Of Jewish Values. Telushkin. Short stories to illustrate Jewish ethics.

Jewish Jokes. Telushkin.

Days of Awe. agnon. Anthology of traditions and stories about tosh hashanah and Tom kippur.

Megillot Esther. Waldman. Graphic illustrated Very clever. Got to get it!

The Joys of Yiddish. Rosten.

Chosen Tales. Stories. "terribly Anerican"

The book of Jewish belief and practice. Good for teens.

The Jewish kids catalog.

On the other hand.

What do you mean you can't eat in my home? About a newly religious person.

A year of Jewish stories . Mazel.

Sachs Koran diddur.
Green diddur.
Old blue and red. Tiny versions.

The sovereign and situated self.
The art of amazement. Seinfeld.

The lie that wouldn't die.

The Sunflower. Germansolduerwant absolution from Jew.

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