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Report From LimmudUK: Jonathan Sarna on Trends in American Jewish Life

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Jewish orgs merging w non Jewish orgs such as YMCA-JCC

Large-scale initiatives are slowing. Instead small scale initiatives...

Aliyah: living in both Israel and the US

Sheldon Attison...

Demography -- our community size will shrink except a report last week that there are 6.5 mill Amercsn Jews. Absolute decline in number of American Jews in 2001 due to low Jewish birthrate. Declining immigration. Conversions to Judaism are flat. Reform and Reconstructionist accepting father descent

Non marriage

Diaspora shrinking .8 a a year

Change in nature of diaspora. 80% in Israel and us.
97% are on 14 countries

We've moved to stable countries.

Judaism is contracting while other religions are expanding .

We are reducing our exposure to the larger world.

The jewish influence?

Growing number of Jewish movements

More diversity in Jewish life. One generation Jews.

Propitious notion on the decline.

Soviet Jews are proponents of propitious.

What are the Jewish values that have been exported to the world?
Assimilation or revitalization


We don't know.

What s our great mission? That will excite the Jewish community.

We need an elevated defined mission

Intermarriage 2345k say have Jewish grand parents not Jewish themselves.

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