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What I'm Doing This Weekend: Taste of Limmud -- Join Us!

This Sunday is an event that I and many volunteers have worked long and hard to bring to our Atlanta community: Limmud Atlanta & Southeast's Taste of Limmud.

Our whole family is excited. Even our daughter is excited about Camp Limmud. She goes there while us adults get adult time. Ahhh.

What I'm looking forward to most:

(1) Learning from Jonathan Sarna again -- a wonderful teach from Brandeis is coming to talk about: Jewish Law and American Civil Liberty: Historical Confrontations and Contemporary Implications

(2) Being with my adult friends without kids (How often does that happen?)

(3) Presenting an excerpt from a PresenTense Fellowship training with Shelby Zitelman of PresenTense: Visioning For A Better Future: Your Venture, Your Life, Your Change

(4) Being an Indie Innovator and seeing our wonderful Innovators shine and let Atlanta know about their projects! 

(5) Meeting and hearing Prodezra Beats!

(6) Dancing with my husband and little girl at the after-concert with Naomi Less & Prodezra Beats (brought to us by Atlanta Jewish Music Festival).

Woo hoo. Let's get this party started. If you want to join us, Register Here.

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