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Got A Jewish Dad? The Father's Day Gift Guide for Dads We'd CHOOSE Again!

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Overall Best gift for your Jewish Dad:

The Amalgamated Menschen International T-shirt celebrates your mensch by declaring him Upright, Honorable, and Decent. On the back, the shirt directs, "Be One!," because, shouldn't we all?

Best gifts for the Zionist Dad

Instead of kitsch, this Independence T-Shirt is design-forward and a serious Jewish t-shirt. California apparel designers, Threaded Heritage, include Israel's declaration of Independence behind the lion of Judea, Atzmaut (Independence), and 1948.

In 66 CE, the Jews rebelled against Roman rule and began to mint their own coins, the shekel, as a sign of their independence. The coins in this pair of cufflinks are cast from a half-shekel that dates to the first year of the revolt!

Best gifts for the Jewish Dad who bucks the trend

Is your dad handy despite his heritage? Then make him a member of the Union of Jewish Handymen with this t-shirt by Jewnion label and accessorize him with tools to get the job done: the hammer bottle opener (that also functions as a hammer!) and the BBQ Tools grilling set which even includes a TAPE MEASURE!

Best gifts for the Jewish Dad who is all about Tikkun Olam (saving the world)

If he had the time, would your dad hug trees and save bunnies? Then he may chuckle at himself represented in Israeli plush: Vigo who frees whales, eats grass, drinks dew, and wears recycled clothes. Plus, any eco-dad can use these: great-looking grocery bags for guys + an ice-worthy eco-cup!


Best gift for the absent-minded Jewish professor Dad we all know and love

 Is dad a geek at heart? Speak the inner geek with a Science Quiz clock, an LED Dinosaur Kit, or the Equal Measure measuring cup so he can make pancakes with a tyrannosaur’s brain of flour and sugar equal to the water in a cumulus cloud the size of the bus.

Best gifts for the wandering Jew-ish Dad

Is dad on the go this summer? Equip him with an Israeli designer Funtastic Plastic Passport Cover, a universal plug adapter, and Cohen-hands (Vulcan) USB stick to carry his data.

Whatever you choose for your Chosen dad, enjoy Father's Day with him on Sunday, June 29th, 2011!

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I ordered the T-shirt for my husband. this is great!

Posted by Cat Chat With Caren And Cody on June 02, 2011

loved these!! Very clever!

Posted by Cat Chat With Caren And Cody on June 02, 2011

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