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ModernTribe's Guide for Choosing a Passover Haggadah for Your Seder

Stop looking for the perfect Haggadah... instead do like we do: blend.

A ModernTribe Strategy for Choosing a Passover Seder Haggadah

(1) Choose a basic Haggadah for everyone at the table -- we like the 30 Minute Seder Haggadah as this basic book. It is clear, colorful and inexpensive to furnish a copy for everyone.

(2) Then add images, readings, poems, and songs from other Haggadot. There are many special ones out there, each with their own wisdom and flavor. Read a Haggadah review on our blog for a few ideas. Don't forget all the free resources available to enhance your Passover and seder experience: including G-d Cast's video The Passover Seder... With the Four Sons, Bangitout's Seder Sidekick, Sipping Seder, and create your own Haggadah with

(3) If you have children, make sure you have at least one Passover haggadah for children -- you may even want to read this book at the table for the kids -- we do.

(4) If you are like our family, and have dozens of Haggadot already, add to your collection this year's much anticipated release: Jonathan Safran Foer's New American Haggadah.


(5) Great music-for-making-matzah-balls or as seder musical interludes or even meal background music is Socalled's Hip Hop Haggadah.

Come chat with us on Facebook and tell us about your own best Haggadah strategies and ideas!

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