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Cool Jew Love Day Giveaway for Tu'B'Av

The Cool Jew Love Day Giveaway Celebrates Tu'B'Av With Sweet and Sexy Gifts

Update, August 5: Our winner is Wendy W. from Tampa, FL

"I love the optimism of Judaism- that the actions of an individual and the actions of Jewish society as a whole can perfect the world and bring about massive change, resulting in world peace and unlimited joy. Every choice we make gives us the option of living spiritually, and every step we take is on holy ground. It makes me happy just thinking about it."

Much love to everyone on this Tu'B'Av!
Nine cool Jews and Jewish businesses have donated $175 worth of gifts in celebration of Tu'B'Av, a day on the Jewish calendar that is for Jewish sweethearts. Two lucky people will win the Cool Jew Love Day Gift Box on Tu'B'Av: August 5th.

Click on image to see it larger.

2 ways to win the Cool Jew Love Day Gift Box:

(1) Enter to win here by submitting your answer to this question:"What Do You Love About Being Jewish?"


(2) If you are in LA, celebrate at LoveFest 2009, organized by JConnectLA and featuring live performances by Moshav, Rav Shmuel, DJ Eric Rosen and more. One lucky guest will be chosen to win the Cool Jew Love Day Gift Box. Join LoveFest at 8 pm, August 5th, at the Bungalo Club in Los Angeles. For more information, visit

(No purchase is required to enter. This contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada 18 years old and older.)

Cool Jew Love Day Gift Box contains:

* Ladino chanteuse Sarah Aroeste's Puertas CD ($15)
* Heeb magazine's "Night of the Living Jews" DVD
with the uncut version of "Strip Dreidel" ($12.50)
*'s signature thong ($15)
* Author Lisa Alcalay Klug's book
Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe ($13)
* Naomi Less' Meshuga'at CD, Jewish Chicks Rock
women's tank top and temporary tattoos ($30)
* Mashuga Nuts - kosher dairy sweets - from ($15)
* Moshav's Higher & Higher: The Best of the Moshav Band CD ($18)
* Jennie Rivlin Roberts' "No Limit Texas Dreidel" game
from ($20)
* Threaded Heritage's "Ahava" Love t-shirt ($39)

To enter now, please "Comment" and answer the question:

"What Do You Love About Being Jewish?"

(Please make sure your email is available through your Blogger profile. If you are commenting anonymously, you must email us with your comment so that we know how to contact you if you win!

Check back here or sign up for our Newsletter (sign up box is on top right) to be notified of the winner on August 5.

How we pick the winners -- We use a random number generator and if it matches (a) a real attempt at an answer (which all of them usually are) and (b) We can contact the person (we will go searching for your contact on your blog, Twitter, website), then that is the winner. If either (a) or (b) isn't true, we generate another random number and start over.

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts


Shabbos Nap! Seriously. I love the Judaism forces me to stop…to unplug (Twitter, FB, email, my beloved BB, etc.)…to enjoy my family…and to sleep! Life is just so darn hectic. And, in my case (as a pulpit rabbi), it is especially important to make that time!

Good luck to everyone ;)

By Rivster on August 05, 2009

These comments are as interesting as the article

By Bar Mitzvah Photographer on August 09, 2009

The inherent logic in Torah. Once one accepts G-d and Torah everything within precedes logically.

By Salixj on August 04, 2009

I love that you can find Jewish teachable moments in everyday life, and that even teaching and learning waterskiing can have a Jewish component.

By SBB on August 04, 2009

I love that I can walk into any synagogue in the world and find someone who acts a lot like my mom. I also love being part of the nation that brought back Hebrew.

By Tamar on August 04, 2009

There are so many reasons, is it really possible to answer this in a comment box.

Free food is probably number one, the ability to just hop into shul find a kiddush fight with old ladies over the cholent spoon and then have one of their husbands invite me for lunch.

Chabad – seriously people, even as a nonreligious Jew you can walk in get a free place to stay pretty much anywhere – so what you have to deal with subtle brainwashing aka kiruv – and those chabad women are smoking.

I guess it all comes down to the food and clogged arteries that we get from traditional Jew food – the only healthy Jew food seems to be pickles and seltzer.

By Heshy Fried on August 04, 2009

What I love: everything. I wasn’t born a Jew (or maybe I was, just to an Irish Catholic family!) but since I was younger I had a magnetic attraction that I couldn’t shake. It is still the same today.

By Julie on August 04, 2009

I love being Jewish because I feel connected to a rich heritage. The list of influential, intelligent and amazingly talented Jews is incredible to behold. To be a part of this community that shaped mankind and has informed and entertained us is a wonderfull feeling.

By dweezildylan on August 04, 2009

What I love about being Jewish is the sense of pride I get knowing that our people have lead the way in everything we do. I love the fact that Jews make up 1/4 of 1% of the population in the world and have done more good for the world than any other people, period. I love the fact the every country around of Israel, is bigger and hates the Jews, yet Israel the Israeli army continues to hold off as much as they do. Such a small country, with Such a strong army. And finally, I love my Rabbi, David Ingber and his beautiful family.

By mykevs on August 04, 2009

”What Do You Love About Being Jewish?
that’s easy – being in love with my fantastic jewish woman who loves me too!!! will you marry me terri g.? how easy was that? (this will be a live performance on tu b’av as she doesn’t read this blog yet.
chai4love(at) = gary l.

By gary l. on August 04, 2009

I love being Jewish because it has liberated me to work towards becoming my best self, to overcome my many short-comings, to strive to be a blessing to others. It has given me a strong structure from which I can drink deeply from the Presence of the Almighty. That powerful Ruach gives me guidance, joy, comfort and a clear knowledge that G-d has a plan for my life. IT IS AWESOME!! What a privilege to be Jewish!

By ShulamitLinda on August 04, 2009

The thing I love most about being Jewish is simply that I CAN be Jewish. I wasn’t born a Jew, but after converting (no, I’m not married or engaged!), I’m as much a member of the tribe as anyone else. Judaism is so much more than a faith; it’s about peoplehood, but I got to join. Judaism allows me to belong, no questions asked— incredible.

Email me at

By Meggie on July 29, 2009

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