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Yes, You Can Register for Judaica for Your Jewish Wedding

You know your parents' friends are going to buy you Judaica anyway... you might as well get what you want!

You're engaged, you're planning your wedding, and at least one of you is Jewish. So when you have some downtime from choosing the caterer or finding an officiant, you can do something fun for yourselves - register! And the best part is that registering for gifts for a Jewish wedding can take on a new dimension. Sure, you'll request the basics: crystal, china, towels, a bread machine. But also can take this opportunity to suggest that friends and family help you start out your new life as a Jewish couple with some beautiful Judaica that you may even want to pass down to your children someday...or at least some items that you'll be proud to display in your home during the holidays.

First, take inventory of what you already have.

Did you already get a kiddush cup for Shabbat dinner at your bar or bat mitzvah? Do you have a set of candlesticks from your great-grandmother that you already prefer to use to light holiday candles? Or are you starting out fresh and need everything and anything that is available?

Next, make a list of the holidays that are most important to you.

Which ones will you really want to celebrate in style, year after year? Then research places offer the Judaica that fits your style and that allow you to create a registry that can be sent to family and friends.

For what items would you register?

A sample registry for a Jewish couple just starting out will likely include:
• A seder and matzah plate for Passover
• A menorah for Hanukkah
• Some decorative dreidels and other items for Hanukkah
• A kiddush cup for use on Shabbat
Candlesticks for use on Shabbat and other major holidays
• One or more mezuzahs
• Decorative items such as groggers for Purim
• An apple and honey plate for Rosh Hashanah

Tip: Include a variety of prices.

The important thing with any registry is to give your guests items for any price range. Feel free to add some extravagant items just in case one person is feeling generous or a group of your friends want to chip in for one big gift, but make sure to also select some smaller, simpler items. This is your opportunity to ask for Judaica that matches your personal style, so choose carefully. Have fun - and mazal tov!

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