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Why does your mom, grandmother, sister, friend, cousin, aunt (any special woman in your life) or you deserve the Call-Your-Mother Gift Box?

Submit your answer in the comments below to enter.

A winner will be randomly chosen from the answers and announced on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10th. (No purchase is required to enter. This contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.)

The Call-Your-Mother Gift Box contains over $150 worth of gifts:

A Fistful of Lentils Sephardic cookbook by Jennifer Felicia Abadi

Three-CD set of original "Funky music with a Jewish Twist" by Mama Doni

Gift certificate for customized "Shomer Negiah Panties" by artist Maya Escobar

The Modern Jewish Mom's Guide to Shabbat by Meredith L. Jacobs

Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe by Lisa Alcalay Klug

Pomegranate vases/candle holders by Israeli artist Racheli Peretz
provided by Jennie Rivlin Roberts
  • The Call-Your-Mother Gift Box is presented by the Cool Mamalahs.

Comment below to enter!
(If you must comment anonymously, please email us with your comment so that we know how to contact you if you win!

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My mom deserves this because even though her family is Jewish her knowledge of Judaism is mostly limited to food. Her friends were all Catholic and that was a greater influence on her. My own Jewish education was one year in Hebrew school when I was 5 and whatever I picked up in grade school. As I’ve learned more I’ve told her and she’s interested but still thinks I’ll be struck by lightening when I joke about Christmas. She could use some more help to learn about our faith and culture. And if she won’t dig into the package, I’ll do it and share.

Posted by Devi on May 09, 2009

What a fantastic contest. I hope I win. I have a young Jewish mom friend who is struggling and really could use this wonderful present

Posted by Fairion on January 23, 2010

My mother should win because she has been a caregiver, and now she is a caregiver as well. She has sacrificed so much for her children, and continues to do so. She continues to light Shabbath candles every Friday, no matter what, and makes sure that a dinner is prepared, even if she has been working the entire day. Self-less and loving are her qualities.

Posted by Anonymous on May 09, 2009

Why I think I deserve this….Being not only a military wife and dealing with just the day to day of the life of a Marine wife but I deal with a lot of other things as well. I converted 9 years ago and would really like to enjoy any new items to learn and make me a better wife and mother. My son has ADHD and possible autism, that itself is a challenge. My best friend just moved and am now alone with just my husband in a new place. I am now going through a lot of physical problems that doctors are just not sure of what could have caused them. A distration, a gift, something would just make things easier for me and make things in my life a little better. I am not trying to be selfish cause I am sure there are those that deserve it more but I am hoping someone can see how much I could use the help right now. Thank you. Melissa Shapiro

Posted by Melissa Shapiro on May 09, 2009

The year was 1979. I had just turned 10. I spent the first 10 years of my life in New York…Brooklyn and Long Island to be exact. I never had to give being Jewish a thought…it was who I was and what I was surrounded with. Two years earlier, my mother suffered a stroke. It was a hard time for our family but we survived. However, we needed to, upon doctors’ orders, leave the cold of the northeast. So in August of 1979, we moved to Savannah, Georgia. What was to come is still considered, to this very day, the very worst part of my childhood.

My parents immediately registered me for school and Hebrew school. Herein lied the problem. I was the ONLY Jewish student in the entire school. I learned this when I was expelled, 4 months after our arrival. But more on that later. The kids hated me. I had 2 friends — an African-American girl and a “poor white-trash” girl, the other social outcasts of the school. I was grateful for friends, but had a very difficult time. To make matters worse, the girls in my Hebrew school class hated me too….because I was a “Yankee”. I cried every day. I begged my grandparents to take me back to New York. I cursed my mother’s being ill.

We only lasted in Savannah for 4 months. At holiday time, my class was chosed to do the decorations for the Principal’s office door. So, I took my paper and markers and made a beautiful Hanukkah card complete with Stars of David and 9 flaming candles nestled in their Menorah. My mother volunteered at my school, in my class, so when I was called down to the Principal’s office, she came with me. I sat in that office, listening to this woman use words I didn’t understand. Blasphemy and Expulsion were words that were unfamiliar to me. I sat quietly, obediently, as I had never been in this kind of trouble before. But I knew it was bad because my mother was crying and calling my father. When my father walked in, minutes later, red-faced, I began crying, fearing his wrath for this mess I had gotten myself into. Instead, he hugged and kissed me and told my mother to take me to collect all of my belongings and go to the car. I can still hear his slamming of the Principal’s office door and the booming bass of his voice as he raised it and called this educated woman “ignorant”. I never returned to that school. 5 days later, we moved to Florida.

After that, my life was normal. I grew up, had a beautiful Bat Mitzvah and fabulous Jewish wedding. But that day stuck with me. And 2 years ago, when my husband announced we’d be leaving Florida for Denver, Colorado, I was terrified. Those 4 months came flooding back and I spend a lot of time hyperventilating.

And we’ve been here 21 months now, half of my beautiful son’s life. And where it’s not NY or FL in terms of “Jewishness”, I have spent every day of those 21 months making sure my son has a solid Jewish foundation that nothing anyone ever says or does will ever put so much as a crack in!! How? Not only did I join a Temple, as my own parents did, but I researched it. And I joined not only a Temple, but a home. My son attends Preschool there and I’m active in the PTO. I’m running for the Presidency of the Sisterhood. And, because there wasn’t one to be found when I got here, I went on and started a Jewish Moms Group. I made the life I wanted…I didn’t sit around and let anyone else dictate how things would be done. I took those 4 horrid months that almost kept me from here and I turned them into strength. And that’s why I feel that I deserve this wonderful gift. And although I’ve seen many other worthy candidates, I know this gift would be put to great use in my home and more importantly, in my community. The one I created for myself.

Posted by Erika Lefkowitz ( on May 09, 2009

My Mother should win becasue she’s the best Mother and Grandmother in the world and she’s Jewish!

Posted by Anonymous on May 09, 2009

because shomer negiah panties just beg to be blogged about.

Posted by Phyllis Sommer on May 08, 2009

My aunt deserves this because she is a woman of valour. She has inspired me to embrace Judaism. Because of her I joined BBYO and Hillel. I spent 2 months studying abroad in Israel. I became a leader in my Jewish community and planned Jewish events for young adults to meet each other for 5 years. I made it a priority in my life to marry a Jewish man and go to Mikvah. I embrace Judaism with such a passion to her credit. This is the perfect way to tell her what she means to me.
She is divorced and frum. Her husband was abusive. She has been raising a 6 year old on her own. she struggles greatly. If anyone out there deserves this special gift- it’s her!

Posted by Elana Presant on May 08, 2009

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Posted by Rani Schlenoff on May 08, 2009

I have been so very blessed in my life because of my mother, grandmothers and great-grandmother.
On my mother’s side, at one time, we had five (5) generations, all living under one roof, including my first-born daughter.
I learned the power of love and the power of women as did my daughter. Hard-working, determined, intelligent and caring women, all. G-d has been good to us! We are now four generations. My mother, Irma Fuentes Brinton, Cuban, Catholic and a pharmacist for 30 years, has been an enduring, consistant example of what a real woman can be. She has been supportive and involved in all the stages of her children’s lives, including mine, especially when I chose to convert to orthodox Judaism.
She deserves this wonderful gift.

Posted by Shuvi on May 08, 2009

I’d love to get this box to share with my sister in law, who is a new mom!

Posted by Anonymous on May 07, 2009

Oh, it would be so nice to have these books! I’ll share them with my mom and sister in law. My sister in law just had a baby girl, so I need to share these kind of resources with them so Sophie can grow up to be a strong Jewish woman!

Posted by Rebecca on May 07, 2009

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