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Cool Jew Papa's Day Giveaway

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June, 21, 2009 Happy Father's Day!

Congratulations to Randie K. and her husband Larry of Portland, OR for winning the Cool Jew Papa's Day Giveaway!

Once again, we are really touched by the thoughtful answers to our question about what makes your special man a cool Jew. Each entrant get's a $10 gift code for I have tried to contact each of you individually. If you haven't heard from me, please email me for your code:

randiedoula said...

The reason my husband is the coolest Jew is that he wasn't a Jew when we met. In fact, I am not sure that my favorite Oregonian knew any Jews before we met! But I can tell you, after 7 years of marriage and two beautiful Jewish daughters, never was there a finer husband and father. He goes to services because he wants to, not because I tell him to. He's sad it's the summer because Mishpicha Minyan is over until the fall. He reminds me to light candles. He spent hours with me, pouring over name books to pick out the perfect Hebrew names for our children. He may not be Jewish by birth but his spirit sure is.


Seven Mensches and two Mamalahs have contributed over $240 worth of gifts to giveaway to one lucky guy. Comment on this post and answer this question:

"What makes your dad, brother, cousin, friend or husband a cool Jew?"

A winner will be chosen from the answers and announced on Father's Day, Sunday, June 21.

Cool Jew Papa's Day Giveaway
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The Cool Jew Papa's Day Gift Box contains:

* Author Sam Apple's book American Parent: My Strange and Surprising Adventures in Modern Babyland

* Author Ron Arons' Jews of Sing Sing book and t-shirt

* Stand-up comedian Yisrael Campbell's "Circumcise Me" DVD

* Comedy writer Seth Front's set of four Jewish Zodiac placemats

* Author Lisa Alcalay Klug's book Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe

* Author Matthue Roth’s novels, Never Mind the Goldbergsand Losers

* Entrepreneur Jennie Rivlin Roberts' products "Can!!Can" CD and Punk Torah t-shirt and "No Limit Texas Dreidel" Game

* Artist Ben Schachter's "Treif" stickers

* Singer/Songwriter Rav Shmuel's "Protocols" and "B'yameinu" music CDs and two t-shirts

Comment below to enter!

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From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts


My husband Jonathan is a cool Jew. To start, he buys me funky head coverings and takes me to Matisyahu concerts. He is truly one in a million. This spring, he did ALL the Pesach cleaning. He gave me an Eishet Hiyal t-shirt for Mother’s Day. And when he says Amidah, he adds Bilhah and Zilpah to the list of matriarchs.
We met on j-date, initially drawn to each other’s profiles by having a Hillel reference in common. At our wedding, two years ago, he put together the entire CD; our first dance was to “Little Wing” and the soundtrack included everything from Johnny Cash to the Ramones.
When he married me, he took on a wife with a chronic illness and a 7-year old daughter. A typical day in his life includes many acts of caring, compassion and love. He juggles two separately difficult tasks: working on a Ph.D. dissertation about Isaiah 53, and the often thankless job of (step)fathering.
Jonathan grew up in a non-observant family, but has focused his adult life studying Judaism from every perspective: history, texts, prayers and tradition. Now, he inspires our daughter to learn, and he teaches her how cool being Jewish can be. She says, “you can ask him almost any question about the Torah or anything, and he knows the answers,” “he can help me with my Hebrew School homework really well” and, “when he celebrates the holidays, he always makes it fun.”
For all these things, I love him so very much, and feel blessed to have found such a wonderful father for my little girl. And, I am grateful because at our conservative suburban shul, I am no longer the only one with piercings and Doc Martins.

Posted by Stella on June 20, 2009

There is so much about being Jewish (or just Jewish stuff in general) that I love!! Where to start?? The schticky clothing I get to wear:

I stole the show at a recent wedding with my golden star of David belt buckle, My Def Jew t-shirt, SuperJew t-shirt, SuperJewGirl t-shirt for my daughter, etc…

As much as it makes me feel like an alien at work (especially during the holidays), somehow people consider me the biblical expert and come to me for explanations. I can totally make stuff up and f with them but, I don’t. I do get away with some good Jesus jokes though. So, that’s cool…

I love that my wife converted without me prompting her at all. There’s true beauty in that.

I love having a solid foundation at home with the kids. I don’t get why my oldest daughter (3yrs) love Christmas though – We don’t celebrate it at home but somehow Walmart and daycare have brainwashed her. Must push Chanukah, must push Chanukah…

I love that there’s a band called Black Shabbat. So smart. There’s not enough Jewish rock bands. Lots of rap and reggae, not nearly enough Jewrock.

I’m proud of my nose. There’s no doubt I’m Jewish “can’t hide the hook”.

I read something, a while back, that talked directly to the beauty of being Jewish. Albert Einstein (or was it Hell Boy’s Ron Perlman…) once said that he wished he wasn’t born Jewish so that he could discover the beauty of on his own, then convert. That’s just cool.

Posted by Joshua (Yossi) on August 04, 2009

My brother, Randy Weiss, is a cool Jew because not only does he play the fiddle, but he also runs a Jewish concert series at his shul, Sha’ar Zahav in San Francisco. His group, The Bridge Players (, specializes in Jewish music, including several composers who died in Terezin. My brother also learned Hebrew, and learned how to chant the tropes. He just got back from a vacation in Israel, where he visited members of our extended family, and he’s trying to figure out how he can get me to visit Israel, too.

Posted by elissaann on June 18, 2009

My father can be a royal pain in the neck yet I still think he is rather cool. The man is approaching 80 (the day before Fathers’ Day 2009!) yet he can walk a healthy clip that many folk in their 50s couldn’t. He’ll walk for a few miles to see the sights or go to his fave discount store.
He also goes to freebie concerts of all stripes. He has seen Gogol Bordello and klezmer and soul bands because they were free shows. Oh, and he and my mother saw Stevie Wonder when he was Little.
He is also cool because he puts up with my daughters’ shenanigans. Free babysitting, tax help and gardening— I have to appreciate that. Thanks, Pop.

Posted by ellenlevitt on June 18, 2009

My husband is the coolest Jew I know – why? Because he was raised another religion but has not only helped me but supported me in my own education and immersion in Judaism and our children’s.
Why is my support so important? I was raised with Judaism and Christianity; and always felt torn and, somewhat empty as I felt I needed more on the Judaism end.
For YEARS he encouraged me to seek a temple and helped me to find the temple that would fit our lifestyle. We blend more to the culture and community, and on the outreach. We focus on challenging each other and our children so that we can help strengthen our bonds to the religion and culture.
Another reason this matters, is that he would share his gift with our teen children (and me :) and I know this would be a family gift – not just a gift for him; which is totally what makes him a cool jew!

Posted by Michele on June 18, 2009

My husband is a cool Jew in many ways. He has spoken only Hebrew to our three children so now they are all bilingual. He prepared them himself for their Bar and Bat Mitzvot. When he was asked by their Jewish Day School to read the Megilah for Purim, instead he taught children in the class to read themselves. He loves chanting Torah, Haftorah, the Megilot and other traditional melodies such as during the Seder. Our sons have learned some of these and have used this knowledge to actively participate in their college Hillels. He even taught me how to read Torah. He taught all of us to blow shofar and all of us have been able to blow shofar during services.

Posted by Marleen on June 18, 2009

My brother Fred is the coolest Jew I know, and just about everyone who has met him would agree. While he isn’t the most observant, he will always stop what he’s doing to make a tenth for minyan, is fiercely protective of the Torah, carrying it with love, and watching to make no one touches it with their fingers and ruins the hard work of the Sofer. He’s better at the “who is a Jew” game than anyone I know, and will gladly hold court for hours to his friends and people he’s never met on why he’s proud to be Jewish. He may not be the role model who does everything exactly the way the Rabbi’s would hope, but he’s absolutely a guy who would make you proud to be Jewish, too.

Posted by Michelle on June 18, 2009

My dad wears a gold star of david chain on his neck and a big “ani l’dodi…” wedding ring

Posted by Anonymous on June 18, 2009

18 reasons why Brother Joel Sisk is a cool Jew (in no particular order).

1. He has red hair
2. He sings in the synagogue choir.
3. He brags about me
4. He married a Jewish girl.
5. He has a burgeoning wine collection
6. He lives in Denver, CO.
7. He doesn’t have any kids yet, but he will and when he does he’s going to raise them Jewish just like we were.
8. He has an incredible malamute and named her Chaya.
9. He’s a really good cook and baker. –especially Challah.
10. He calls his mother.
11. He always orders a Guinness.
12. He has scars from adventure sports.
13. He plays piano.
14. He still rocks his earring.
15. He owns 3 homes.
16. He keeps Kosher.
17. He drives standard not automatic.
18. He wears a lot of black.

Posted by Shana on June 18, 2009

My hubby, Adam, is one cool abba.

1. He does just as much (er, actually more) around the house and with the twins.
2. He is an awesome cook—really, if it was up to me it’d be pasta every night.
3. His Jewish identity is as strong as I’ve ever seen (even has it tattooed on his chest—but sshh, don’t tell anyone “official”).
4. He will do anything for his twin boys.
5. He’s studying for his doctorate in Jewish Studies in his “free” time.
6. He believes in and will fight for equality for everyone.
7. His belief in the importance and meaningfulness of Jewish tradition is hardcore.
8. He writes a really cool Jewish blog:
9. He does all the grocery shopping.
10. He loves his family more than anything.

Posted by KatiBlack on June 16, 2009

My father is the coolest jew of all. In fact, we have always called him Captain Jew or sometimes Super Jew! We joke that he needs a cape with CJ or SJ on it. He loves being Jewish more than anyone I know. He knows so many interesting facts about the religion. I am always impressed by his expertise. He attends Synagogue faithfully, has served on their board, attends the minyans and volunteers in so many ways especially with the elderly. He is also an author and gives so much to his Synagogue- books, talks, etc… Although as a child I felt that Judaism was forced on me, I know am so thankful for the wonderful knowledge I got from him and completely identify with my Jewishness. He has also influenced my step-siblings regarding how cool being Jewish is and they aren’t even Jews. My dad is amazing, he gives so much of himself that he deserves the title of “Coolest Jew.” Not to mention, if we did make him that cape with CJ on it, it would be interchangeable for Coolest Jew and Captain Jew. Thanks.

Posted by shali1212 on June 18, 2009

My mensch of a husband is a very cool Jew. He’s a Jew by choice — and really by choice! When we decided to get married, I tried not to influence his decision at all; he chose to convert because of a genuine sense of connection to Jewish practice and spirituality. He undertook his conversion studies with a sense of humor and a questioning mind along with deep commitment and a sense of scholarship. He loves being Jewish and doing Jewish — in big ways and small he thinks about tikkun olam. He wears with price the buchari kippah I knit him for our wedding, and he beamed over the Shehechiyanu when we put up the mezuzot on our doors. But I think the coolest thing about the way in which he’s Jewish is the sense of humor with which he approaches it all. He loves it when I light Shabbat candles, but he is totally content if Shabbat dinner sometimes ends up being take-out from the local place that serves kosher chicken hot dogs and Dr. Brown’s Cel Ray soda (which is as Jewish as it gets!). (I have a video I can send you of our baby son eating the WHOLE CHALLAH on a take-out Shabbat; it’s pretty cute.) He can crack a mean joke about kashrut even while observing the laws, and has developed a Hebrew “ch” that would put a lot of the Ashkenazim I know to shame. Mostly, I just think he’s the coolest guy I know; and it’s icing on the pesadich cake that he’s Jewish, too.

Posted by Anonymous on June 16, 2009

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