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In search of the Indi-Jewish-bride


Plastifiée // Plasticized // מנויילנת, originally uploaded by Natoosh_Tatoosh.

Moderntribe's Spring initiative is to branch further into Jewish Weddings. We want ModernTribe to be the place that Jewish brides go to register for Judaica for their homes and buy wedding favors and ceremonial Judaica. We also want to be the place people shop for Jewish wedding gifts. Of course, we are a different kind of Judaica shop so our marketing needs to reflect this: our wedding imagery can't be the same ole' you see in every Jewish simcha spread.

In search of alternative wedding images and branding I've tripped across some interesting things this morning. One is an Israeli performance artist, Anat Guthmann, who ironed plastic bags onto herself to form a wedding dress. She wears red lingerie underneath and serves red wine to her audience thus, "Eve and Lilith can live alongside in the garden of Eden."

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts


well, sure… it’s for performance art, not for real Jewish brides. I will be posting more, real things for real Jewish brides soon. — Jennie

By Jennie on February 03, 2009

EWWWW—-double—EWWWW…not something i’m interested in AT ALL!!!

By Anonymous on February 03, 2009

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