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8 Days of Giveaways!Jewish Fortune Cookie Giveaway


Categories: Chanukah, Hanukkah

**ENTRY FOR THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED** is celebrating Chanukah with 8 Days of Giveaways! Each day this week, we'll be gifting one lucky blog reader with a special Chanukah gift.

Today's prize is the Jewish Fortune Cookies in honor of our love of eating Chinese Food on Christmas! This Jewish Fortune Cookie "take out" box includes 8 individually wrapped fortune cookies filled with Jewish folk sayings, proverbs, and witticisms. Even if Bubbie doesn't make it to dinner, these cookies will provide words of wisdom in her absence.

The 4th night of Chanukah also falls on Christmas Eve. To enter to win the Jewish Fortune Cookies, tell us about your plans for tonight. Will you be attending an event, or having Chinese food dinner? Let us know your plans in the comments section below by midnight PT tonight 12/24/09.



Tonight is just a normal night for me. I have so much work to do I am actually going into the office tomorrow

By Tuvia on December 24, 2008

nothing. watching a movie with the kids, blowing my nose, bed early….making chili tomorrow. life’s exciting. why would i have special plans? wink

By Phyllis Sommer on December 24, 2008

Today we had Chinese food out.
Christmas Eve and Jews seem to go
hand in hand.


By Anonymous on December 24, 2008

We traditionally do the Chinese food and movie on Christmas Day, not Christmas Eve, so tonight will just be a regular 4th night of Hanukkah for us.

By Karen on December 24, 2008

I just finished of a bowl of matzo ball soup. I will work in the ER tomorrow night.

By KJ on December 24, 2008

sitting home with & eating cereal……

By on December 24, 2008

Chinese food and a movie are earmarked for tomorrow for us. We’re having Chanumas tonight with my side of the family. Prime rib, turkey, and latkes!

By Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics on December 24, 2008

Chinese of course cause shellfish is kosher then.

By Anonymous on December 24, 2008

Chinese food and movies tonight :)

Tomorrow?? Yummy breakfast thanks to the food basket we get each year from family in Vermont and then over to grandparetns’ for latkes and 5th night festivities.

By Rivster on December 24, 2008

I’m a doctor who happens to be Jewish so, of course, I’m on call for Christmas (3rd consecutive year).

By Lori on December 24, 2008

My mom is hopefully going to make it into town to visit me and then we will eat Chinese food with my friend from India. It’ll be a multi-cultural experience. :)

By Lauren on December 24, 2008

I’ll be working, but in order to preserve the cliche, I’ll get Chinese food for dinner.

By Bill M. on December 24, 2008

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