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8 Days of Giveaways: Nice Jewish Guys Calendar Giveaway!


Categories: Chanukah, Hanukkah

**ENTRY FOR THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED** is celebrating Chanukah with 8 Days of Giveaways! Each day this week, we'll be gifting one lucky blog reader with a special Chanukah gift. As Chanukah ends tonight, this will be our last giveaway!

Today's prize is the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar. Firemen and Chippendale's have had their spotlight long enough! This Nice Jewish Guys Calendar turns the spotlight on the underrated characteristic that pecs and tight buns can't deliver...niceness. Featuring a different mensch for every month of the calendar year; meet Ira the businessman and Noah, who doesn't look Jewish, but is. The calendar is marked with the Jewish holidays too!

To enter to win the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar, tell us what "Nice Jewish Guy" you would nominate to appear in next year's version of the calendar. Leave your nomination in the comments section below by midnight PT tonight 12/28/08. Be sure to have your comment link to your twitter, blog, facebook profile, etc. so we can contact you if you are the winner!



my husband, of course:-)

By Phyllis Sommer on December 28, 2008

it’s a pity we can’t do a madoff dartboard…

By avulpineheart on December 28, 2008

Jon Stewart would be great. So would Mark Feuerstein!!!

By Rivster on December 28, 2008

I nominate my darling, Salaud ( He is currently at Brooklyn Law School, argues like a rabbi and a vegetarian. He brings all the high (and not so high) holy days to all of his non-jewish friends. He is a sweetie, and knows how to party like a kosher rock star!

By secretmuffin on December 28, 2008

Zac Rich the guy who runs

By ttalent on December 28, 2008

Adam Sandler! ;)

By valerie2350 on December 28, 2008

My husband, Alan… Everyone who meets him says they wish he was cloned!!

By Cindy on December 28, 2008

I nominate Peter Shankman! I know I’m too late to win, but I thought I’d try to get it in here in case you still had one to give away!!

By ginarenee on December 28, 2008

My friend Alex, he is such a Mensch

By beth on December 28, 2008

I nominate Jon Stewart!

By gilana on December 28, 2008

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