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Shops & Artist from Israel

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Nachalat Benjamine

Marcello Sragovitz - Hamsa Wind Chimes - 0505-752991 --
Auhva Elany, copper art,

Artist: Danon
Lily Shabbat Candlesticks were 320 NIS in Sefat Giftshop
Cesaria -- check out their aluminum mezot
Judith Gallery in Safat, Adaya
Nekor or Nekkor Brothers -- the glass Hanukia that Elizabeth and Ben have
Ester shanan - booth 2168
Lucite Mezuzot --
Tonya Kovalchich (k) woven metal necklace at Israel Museum
Anat Orlizky - aluminum and gold wire
Sherman glass
papercuts - Meira Freifeld
Goldstar T-shirts -
Otilya's Boutique - 0547829289
Jewelry in Tel Aviv shop -- Ornit & R?
Mishi Backpack Butterfly Large - 480 NIS
Children's Stuff -
katika kinky fashion - 45 Shenkin St., 03-5250626
Simona Azriel Comedi -- Nechalat Binyamin - charm jewelry, 050-6473769, 03-5178461
Enya Keshet Dreidels
Aiala Steimberg
cost in NIS
hamsa 50
mezuzah 50
matzah 130
Pasach Sets 300
Pom Serving Plate 300
Otilya's Unique Bags on Sheinkin Street
Blue: "My angel, I wish you luck and happiness. I will love you forever."
Red: "Time is ticking but not for a moment do I fail to admire your beauty."
Simone Solomon.
Estee's Pottery & Gallery,
Sara Ben Yosef -

Arts & Crafts Fair in Tel Aviv:
Vered Tandler Dayan, ceramics.
Ceramics Gallery Potters Co-Operative in Jerusalem
Edith Adi - Ceramics
Einat Cohen -
Dabbah Judaica -
Yaakov Greenvurcel -
Bordeaux Clothing

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