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Welcome Erica to ModernTribe!

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Our regular readers have been introduced to Jennie (me) and Jeremy (our Director of Affiliate Programs who posted recently about his engagement). Now we have a new addition to our leadership team: Erica. She brings a lot of great things to MT: a propensity for numbers, fluency in Hebrew, and Israel and New York connections. Erica is originally from Brooklyn and has a Masters in Business from Boston University. She lived in Tel Aviv for many years, even joining the Israeli Defense Force after college.

Erica came to ModernTribe because her mother -- thank you Lila! -- sent her a gift from MT. She liked MT so much she called me to say so. Turns out we live just a few miles from each other. So after a brief meeting over coffee we decided this was beshert!

She is an amazing asset to ModernTribe. I'm not sure how much you'll be hearing from her on the blog -- as numbers are more her speed than words -- but I may convince her to do a post or two.

Welcome Erica!

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