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Israeli Fragile Salt & Pepper at the ICFF


The International Contemporary Furniture Fair, taking place at the Javits Center in NYC starting Saturday, is one of the premier modern furniture tradeshows in the world.

Isreali design team Mey and Boaz Kahn Design will be there: creators of the 'fragile' salt & pepper shakers.

From Designboom,

When was the last time you emphatically broke something? well, this ceramic salt and pepper shaker set offers you the opportunity to! The design starts life in one piece and by snapping it in half, you make it useful. breaking is an experience of impulsive outburst, but this time is an act that builds rather than destroys.

What's more banal than salt & pepper shakers? Yet the Kahns have managed to create something profound and new in the form and function of spicing our food -- or, more precisely -- they are helping us create something new. How clever.


How fun! I wonder if the shape of the three little “spouts” will be different depending on how you break it. That would be cool if each shaker set came out slightly different.

By Jeremy on May 19, 2008


By design for mankind. on May 20, 2008

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