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Fair Trade Judaica

Jeremy pointed me to Fair Trade Judaica and I'm excited about it for a couple of reasons. First, they have links to Fair Trade coops which are producing Judaica and Kosher foods. They list a coop in South Africa who is producing Zen minimalist Judaica. Check it out:

And they found Fair Trade chocolate gelt! (Don't be surprised if you see all this stuff on ModernTribe soon.)

Ilana Schatz and David Lingren, the creators of, educate site visitors about the Fair Trade movement, but the biggest service of the website is that they outline how Fair Trade fits with Jewish values. They go into more depth and explanation on their site -- which I recommend you visit. But basically, they assert as Jews:

  • We are obligated to work for economic justice.
  • We are obligated that workers are treated justly.
  • We are obligated to be responsible consumers.

And all these things are supported when we support Fair Trade. They continue with information about Jewish organizations involved with Fair Trade -- and add to that list the inspiration for two of my previous posts: Progressive Jewish Alliance's Anti-Sweat Shop Campaign.

(See It's Not Easy to Be Sweat Shop Free and Celebrate Fair Trade Month with Kosher Kippot.)

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts


wow! these items are amazing and thinking of the inherent jewish values of employing and supporting free trade really is an important component we should be looking out for more often!

By DesignistDream on February 18, 2008

Sadly the woman who runs the pottery coop is on sabbatical and this cool seder plate isn’t available right now.

By Jennie on February 18, 2008

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