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Pink Stinks Even in Israel: Skinboard Stickers

| | 1 Comment has been covering office space Israeli style. Ziva pointed us to the Israeli design firm Dean's Presents and their Skinboards: designer stickers for keyboards. The site says Skinboards fit 95% of PC keyboards. I'm hoping Mac keyboards fit into their definition 'cause I like the idea.

I'm wondering about how all our Hebrew schools and bi-linguals here in the USA would enjoy having both the English and Hebrew letters share the keys. And in such stylishly funky ways! I'd add this item to the bar and bat mitzvah gift lists. I'm checking to see if Skinboards have made their way to the USA yet. The skin pictured here is one of my favorites. They call this Urban Graffity (that's how they spell it, with a "y"). The design reminds me of one of my little girl's t-shirts that has a cute-ed up skull and the declaration "Pink Stinks."

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts

1 Comment

This would be a great way to teach my (future) kids as many languages as possible while they’re still young and soaking up knowledge like sponges!

By Jeremy on March 22, 2008

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