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Would You Wear a Venetian Mask This Purim?

Purim is revelrous Jewish holiday. It's traditional to feast, drink, give gifts of food to friends and to the poor, and dress in costume. The feasting, drinking, and giving are pretty typical for Jewish holidays (although more feasting, drinking, and giving than normal is required).

I'm considering stocking these Venetian masks for Purim -- for our ADULT Purim parties and I want your opinion on them -- please!

Venetian masks seem to be PERFECT for Purim -- because it turns out that Italian Jews, in the middle ages, were the first to adopt the custom of dressing in costume to celebrate Purim. The Italian Jews were inspired to wear costumes by the Roman Carnival, naturally. But the custom spread and stuck, likely because it is so appropriate for Purim.

Hiding our identity by dressing in costume is a way for us to experience the Purim story. The story is chock full of people mis-representing themselves and concealing their true identity. Esther is the major incognito who conceals her Jewishness from the King and becomes Queen. Of course, later she reveals she is a Jewess to save her people from Haman's plot to kill the Jews. Other cases of mistaken identity include Mordecai (Esther's Uncle and informant) hiding his language abilities and thus eavesdropping on the plot for Jewish extermination; Mordecai was able to listen with ease because the conspiritors felt free to discuss thinking he didn't know their language. Then Haman (the King's right hand man and striving Jew killer) is mistaken for Mordechai and thus, as it's discussed in the Talmud, Haman's daughter dumps her chamberpot on top of her own father's head! Oops.

Shakespeare must have gotten his inspiration from the Purim Megillah.

Wikipedia has a great page on Purim:

So what do you think of the masks? Most of them would sell for 6-$18.

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts


The Purim masks are here and available to purchase on the site. Please check them out!

By Jennie on March 04, 2008

I’m trying to work up a drosh for Sunday school tomorrow on the whole carnival-based “origin of masks” thing.

I think you should vend ’em!

By MarkLWilliams on March 02, 2008

The masks are on their way. MT is hosting our own Purim party and we are giving these out to our guests. Can’t wait!

By Jennie on March 03, 2008

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