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Passover Bloopers - Part One - Box Girls

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I was looking at The Box Girls website for their Passover Box of Questions. It's literally a box of questions around the theme of Passover (I suppose about freedom, leadership, and desert survival) so you and your family can talk amongst yourselves. Kind of a goofy idea, I know, but actually something I'd go for because I can be such a sentimental nerd.... Anyhow, this is the picture of the family at the Passover Seder enjoying the Passover Box of Questions.

Check out that stack of matzah! A Jew would never inflict that much of the bread of affliction on his beloved family. I also like the way the daughter, dad and son seem to be enjoying an additional glass of wine post seder (like four glasses isn't enough!) Oy! I kid.

Thank you Box Girls for including not one but three Jewish holiday boxes. They also make Hanukkah and Shabbat.

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