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Vote for New Texas Dreidel Tees designed by Threaded Heritage (and Win!)


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Threaded Heritage designs and manufactures the cool (not kitsch) Jewish t-shirts on I'm thrilled with what these guys are doing for cool Jewish t-shirts, that is creating tees sans funny Yiddish sayings. It's a space that needed filling and they are doing a great job. Threaded Heritage and ModernTribe are collaborating to create a new t-shirt for No Limit Texas Dreidel. Our run-away-success of a game needs a t-shirt that is just as cool. LOOK! Vote at right, then comment and give us an opinion on what you like and what you don't. One of the commentors will be chosen to get one of our new t-shirts as soon as they are produced!

Design 1: Wooden Dreidel:

Design 2: Texas Dreidel Royale:

(1) Vote at right
(2) Then comment and give us an opinion on what you like and what you don't.

Commentors will be entered into a lottery and one will be chosen to get our new t-shirt!

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts


Thank you everyone for voting. We got 5 votes for the Wooden Dreidel and 12 votes for Dreidel Royale. So Dreidel Royale it is… athough we won’t toss out the other design just yet…The winner of our tee is Tamara!

By Jennie on February 17, 2008

i think the second one is the best….

By mintasa_clippingimages on April 11, 2011

I like the wooden Dreidel but I think the round border makes for a funky t-shirt design. I could so see me in the black or gray shirt with red and white ink. :) good luck!
- Tember

By Anonymous on February 04, 2008

oooh – the second one is kick ass. has cool colors too that would look good on almost any tee shirt background. and while i’m at it, the second one would look great also on a tee for women or men.

By Ziva on February 01, 2008

I definitely like the second design.

Looks good on a tee, but I’m not sure it works as well on a polo shirt.

By Tamara on February 03, 2008

Definitely the red. I think it looks better, and it helps reinforce the packaging of the game.

By webb on January 31, 2008

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