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Warning: Target misses with their gelt.

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I've tasted a lot of gelt. When we were trying to pick a gelt to sell with No Limit Texas Dreidel we got samples from Israel, Belgium, and around the USA. Target's is decidedly, and by no slim margin, the worst I've ever tasted. It's waxy, greasy, and tasteless. Maybe they confused the Hanukkah candles with the Hanukkah gelt? It pains me because Target has it's own brand of gourmet-ish chocolate called Choxie. I want to see this massive merchandising machine create gourmet Choxie gelt. Let's work on that one for Hanukkah 2008.

Here's the Hanukkah display for Target and then that's it for criticizing my favorite store for it's Hanukkah missteps. (I do it 'cause I luv ya, Target!)

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