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Celebrate Fair Trade Month with Kosher Kippot!

In California, Progressive Jewish Alliance is the address for Jewish anti-Sweatshop work. PJA works in collaboration with non-Jewish groups on getting major purchasers of clothing (The City of Los Angels, San Francisco and Berkley; the University of California system, etc.) to purchase only sweatfree garments, while working in the Jewish community to get Jewish summer camps, day schools, synagogues and other organization to do the same. Progressive Jewish Alliance is now offering sweatfree yarmulkes (skullcaps) through their "Kosher Kippot" program. They will work with you or your organization to coordinate sweatfree kippot purchases with educational workshops about labor rights and Jewish values. The program is particularly popular with Bar and Bat Mitzvah kids. PJA has more information on their website: and in the Bay Area at their office: or call them at 510.527.8640.

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