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NLTD in Celebrity Gift Bags?

| Categories American Music Awards, No Limit Texas Dreidel | | 3 Comments

American Music AwardsI got a call today from Nancee Borgnine from an event and PR company called "Connected" asking us to bring No Limit Texas Dreidel to the American Music Award's "Celebrity Gift Suite". It's not free of course, not to mention the cost of flying out to LA and staying at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. But it sounds terribly exciting and oh, for the chance to get No Limit Texas Dreidel in a big Jewish star's hands: Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, Madonna... That'd be amazing...

Invited Celebrities Include:
Justin Timberlake- Beyoncé - Linkin Park - Daughtry - Rihanna - Jimmy Kimmel - Fergie - Avril Lavigne - Carrie Underwood - Rascal Flatts - Maroon 5 - Toby Keith - Robin Thicke - Norah Jones - Tim McGraw - The White Stripes - John Mayer - Akon

I'm so out of the pop music scene, I don't know who half these people are. Maybe Jimmy Kimmel will bring Sarah Silverman. OOooo, I'd love to get a NLTD tattoo on her!

What do you think? Should I stay or should I go?

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You have to go. How totally cool!!

Posted by Rivster on November 05, 2007

The lead singer of Maroon 5 is Adam Levine. Two musicians in Linkin Park are Jewish too, so you would have some possibilities there…

Posted by Brad on November 05, 2007

OMG!!!! You have to go! That is so fantastic. This is a big break. A HUGE break. so much publicity.

Posted by Anonymous on November 01, 2007

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