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Jewish Product Bloopers Part One

Some of the coolest Jewish stuff is made by "mainstream" or secular designers. And we are so thankful for them including Hanukkah stuff in their designs. (Thank you!)

However, since many of these designers not Jewish, they sometimes make mistakes.

I was tickled to open December's copy of Blueprint Magazine and find that the only Hanukkah items the magazine profiled were Bloopers. The magazine displays two beautiful Hanukkah cards both with abstract menorahs. They are beautiful, blue (of course), but count the candles:
Note: -- I sell these cards -- because they are beautiful, handmade letterpress cards. I want to support high design of Judaica and these design houses who are creating them. So, I forgive the mistake of the missing Shamas. Do you?

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts

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