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Pointing Guns and Knocking Skulls

| Categories Guns, Jewish Style, New York Style, Skulls, Star of David | | 3 Comments

Guns and skulls are hot. Through our 11 hour tromp through New York's Midtown neighborhoods, we saw these motifs over and over (e.g., 3Guns Vase by SuckUK). I soon found myself searching for skull tees.

Grave motifs for a country supposedly obsessed with safety and peace. Maybe it's an expression of our unspoken desire to be carrying that gun.

I wanted skulls for ModernTribe and was wondering... are there skull + star of David motifs? Yah. I hunted them down and you can find them here.

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts


Thanks for the report from NY.
Didn’t know hello Kitty skull & crossbones was hot now.

I think the NLTD logo is very attractive. I was wondering if you would come out with it on t-shirts. A better quality all-black shirt would be great. But prefer the design on front only. Don’t want to broadcast my religion to those behind my back…

-Andy, Jeremy’s friend from YPK here in metro DC.

Posted by Andy on September 23, 2007

Take your pic of t-shirt from our Cafe Press shop:

Posted by Jennie on September 26, 2007

Thanks. Cool site!

Posted by Andy on September 27, 2007

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