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Pointing Guns and Knocking Skulls

Guns and skulls are hot. Through our 11 hour tromp through New York's Midtown neighborhoods, we saw these motifs over and over (e.g., 3Guns Vase by SuckUK). I soon found myself searching for skull tees.

Grave motifs for a country supposedly obsessed with safety and peace. Maybe it's an expression of our unspoken desire to be carrying that gun.

I wanted skulls for ModernTribe and was wondering... are there skull + star of David motifs? Yah. I hunted them down and you can find them here.

From ModernTribe Jewish Gifts


Thanks for the report from NY.
Didn’t know hello Kitty skull & crossbones was hot now.

I think the NLTD logo is very attractive. I was wondering if you would come out with it on t-shirts. A better quality all-black shirt would be great. But prefer the design on front only. Don’t want to broadcast my religion to those behind my back…

-Andy, Jeremy’s friend from YPK here in metro DC.

By Andy on September 23, 2007

Take your pic of t-shirt from our Cafe Press shop:

By Jennie on September 26, 2007

Thanks. Cool site!

By Andy on September 27, 2007

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