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Extramarital Internet Hookups

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I've been meeting people on the Internet... and my husband approves. I haven't met so many people online since I JDated back in 2003. Then, it wasn't unusual for me to meet three or four different Internet strangers a week. As a married woman, I sometimes miss those moments of anticipation ("will he look like his picture?"). Now, in pursuit of e-commerce, once again I am chatting with strangers and meeting up for coffee. It's different, but no less exciting. And so far, my business-related Internet hookups have been as successful as my romance- related ones (I met my husband on Matchmaker, a now- defunct Internet dating site).

Last Saturday we held a photo shoot for our new game, No Limit Texas Dreidel. We needed a nice Jewish girl to be the face of our product: pretty, wholesome-looking, and in her twenties. We are in our "mid-thirties"; if you are above the middle-age fault line of 35, you know people our age no longer know people their age. Trolling Myspace (browsing Atlanta/Female/Jewish), I found the perfect model but waited for weeks before contacting her, knowing that she'd likely be creeped out by strangers asking her to model. But after looking at the cost of professional models (and given that none of them look like real human beings anyway), I sent her the least creepy Myspace note possible, inviting her to Google me before she "My-plied." To my relief, she wrote back and agreed to talk about the project. She even remained enthusiastic about the project after I explained it required emoting with chocolate gelt. Before she showed up on Saturday, I was giddy with anticipation to meet my Internet hookup. To my pleasant surprise, that which so rarely does happened: She looked even better than her picture!

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