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Lynette Joel: Artistic Celebration of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Thirty years ago, a young woman and aspiring artist was asked by her children's Hebrew day school to do an art piece for their annual fundraiser. This piece would not only be on the year book cover, but also the original would be kept by one, lucky donor. Though this was not her first artistic contribution to the school, this was her big break! She was asked to create a piece of art based on the tribe of Zebulon. This painting being a big hit, she was asked in subsequent years to paint three other tribes of Israel to be used for future fundraisers. 

Lynette Joel's purpose became clear to her: paint all Twelve Tribes of Israel. Each painting would tell a true story of the given tribe. Today, Lynette has become an experienced artist and has now painted all Twelve Tribes. Lynette expressed that in order to create these pieces of art, "there was tremendous research that was done by myself, my husband, and my son... an ordained rabbi." 

Her personal desire and drive being her main motivators, Lynette considers it a great success to have finished her goal of painting all Twelve Tribes. She describes her experience as not only artistic, but also educational. She says that many of the texts read in synagogue every Saturday pertain to the Twelve Tribes. Because of its relevance in Jewish culture, Lynette knows that learning so much about the Twelve Tribes has enriched her Jewish life, heritage, and observance. Lynette is humbled and voiced: "My G-d given talent has allowed me to to express myself in this meaningful way and give to the biblical world something very special."

This series of paintings is distinctive in the details captured about each tribe. ModernTribe looks forward to displaying Lynette's art on August 2nd at 1:00 pm for our Twelve Tribes at ModernTribe event in our downtown shop at 171 Auburn Avenue, Suite G. The free event will include art, music, learning, food and more!

Read further about Lynette Joel's art on her website and find out more about Twelve Tribes at ModernTribe on Facebook.

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