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Have a Smashing Good Time With These Jewish Wedding Gifts

1. Rainbow Wedding Smash Glass - With the title of this list, you knew this had to be #1. A wedding without a smash glass is like a marriage without love; it just can't be done! Luckily, we have the prettiest smash glasses in town.

2. Kallah (Bride) and Chosson (Groom) Wedding Forks - An overpriced cake calls for elegant silverware. Let the bride and groom enjoy the first slice of the wedding cake with their special forks. It'll make for their most memorable dessert ever!

3. Dandelion Seal and Send Plantable & Personalized Wedding Invitations - Weddings are all about starting a family and bringing new lives into this world. Help your guests do the same with these adorable wedding invitations that double as plantable seeds. Just make sure your guests don't bury the RSVP form by accident!

4. Olive Branch Tzedakah Box - Not sure if you want to give wedding gifts or make a donation in the newly weds' honor? Have the best of both worlds with this spectacular tzedakah box! Encourage the newly weds to give generous donations in the future!

5. Blooming Pomegranate Trivet - Burning love calls for hot food...but not a burnt table. Make sure the bride and groom keep the peace by not accidentally burning the house down when they place food on their kitchen table.

6. Groom & Best Man Socks - Matching tuxedos are never enough. The best man and groom also need matching socks. In case you forget which one is which, the socks are also labeled so the wife doesn't accidentally marry the wrong guy!

7. Lechem Challah Knife - People will be cutting in the buffet line at your wedding. Do a little cutting of your own with this Israeli made challah knife by Michael Ben Yosef.

8. Mr. & Mrs. Muse Salt and Pepper Shakers - Jonathan Adler has outdone himself again! Not only do these cute shakers help spice up your food, but they can also serve as a hip wedding cake topper. We're tired of the old fashioned porcelain cake toppers, so these are just perfect!

9. Bronze Cast Dove Mezuzah - A dove embracing a mezuzah is a great message to send on a wedding day. It will be a constant reminder that the bride and groom will be embracing each other for the rest of their lives.

10. Sunburst Candlesticks - The sun will always shine on you when you're married. Have a constant reminder of this whenever you light Shabbat candles. Illuminate both your home and your spirits!


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