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The 10 Best Gifts That’ll Make Your Dad Give You a Chai Five

1. Matzah Print Tie-This tie is not only perfect for a formal Passover seder, but it will also be the talk of the office when your dad goes to work. People will be begging to eat him with some charoset on top.


2. Abba Sababa (Cool Daddy) Apron- What makes your dad so cool? The fact that he can grill a killer kosher burger. Keep encouraging him to kosher BBQ for everyone with this apron.                                                                                                      

3. Iron Sabbath Candle Holders- There’s nothing that’ll make your dad more of an iron man than these candle holders. Unleash his sensitive side and let him try your mom’s job of lighting the Shabbat candles.                                                                                           

4. Jewish Patriarchs T-Shirt-So your dad really thinks he’s the world’s greatest dad. Remind him of the standards of our forefathers and help him put his own name in the Torah.

5. Jews Glasses- Your Jewish dad is of course a huge fan of all of history’s great Jewish men. Get him these glasses and whenever he drinks a brewski, he’ll feel like he’s sharing a drink with great people of the book.     

6. Abba Sababa (Cool Daddy) Mug- Hot drinks for the cool dad! Remind your dad who’s the coolest dad around every morning when he needs a little jolt of joe to get him out of bed!

7. Oy Vey Klutz Strips- Let’s face it, your dad isn’t much of builder or athlete because he’s constantly hurting himself. No problem! These bandages will make him feel much better.

8. Hipster Yamies- Is your dad trying to be more hip, cool, and with the times? Help him dress the part with kippahs that look good on his keppe.

9. Jonathan Adler Brass Eye Magnifying Glass- Your dad is getting older and his eyesight is dimming down. Let your dad continue to read his favorite Jewish books with this magnificent magnifying glass!

10. Jewish Wallet- Maybe you’re constantly taking your dad out to dinner and he keeps “accidentally” forgetting his wallet. This singing wallet’s “Hava Nagila” tune will make sure that he never forgets his wallet at home.

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