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{ Hottest Gifts For Hanukkah 2014 } Top 3 Hanukkah Gifts For Best Friends, Kids, Him, Hosts and More

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Shalom  !

We've searched the Earth to find products that are fun, beautiful, and meaningful. We hope you enjoy our Hanukkah Gift Guide.

Looking forward to Light, Joy, & Latkes... with you this Hanukkah!
Your Shopkeeper, 
Top 3 For Your Best Friends
Girly Socks by Blue Q
Girly Socks by Blue Q $9.95 a pair

Why these rock for your Besties:
these great-looking socks sport fun and funny quips including, "My Favorite Salad Is Wine" and "Shoot For the Moon. If You Hit Mars, Bonus." You'll find a pair that fits her, we know.
Nice Jewish Guys Calendar
Nice Jewish Guys Calendar $15.95

Why these rock for your Bestie:
New year, new guys. It's time for a slew of really nice guys! Plus, for the first time evah, December features "double mensches" Charles & Ari.

Small Tushiez
Tushiez Ceramic Vases
Tushiez Ceramic Vases / Holders / Tchotchsky / Objet D' Art $12 for Small & $28 for Large

Why these rock for your Besties:
5775 is "all about that bass". This is the year of the butt and these ceramic Tushiez are totally on trend. Handmade in Brooklyn, Tushiez come in two sizes. The small includes an air plant! 
Top 3 Gifts For Kids
Honeyky Hanukah Book
Woody Guthrie Honeyky Hanukah Book + CD - Ages 3 to 7 $17.99

Why a child will love this gift:
Not only is this a cute book about a guitar playing boy and his dog, but it comes with a music CD of the very cute song with lyrics including, "It’s Honeyky Hanukah, kissy my cheek, the light in my window it burns for a week..."
Chalkboard Menorah
Chalkboard Menorah - Ages 5+, $20

Why a child will love this gift:
Before adding candles, the whole family can add their designs to the Hanukkah menorah. Erase and start over each night. 
Maccabee on the Mantel
The Maccabee On The Mantel Ages 2 to 7, $35

Why a child will love this gift:
The Maccabee on the Mantel is a high-quality, snuggly, plush doll and a beautifully written and illustrated book, which teaches the story of Hanukkah. No spying on kids by this little guy!
Top 3 Gifts For Him
The Waist Apron Cooking Guides
The Waist Apron Cooking Guide $20

Why he wants this even though he doesn't know it yet:
This waist apron is full of useful information, including: numeric conversions, cooking times, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and instructions on the finger test for you steak. It's manly in the way it looks and also in the way he doesn't have to ask for help.
Instabook Accordion Photo Book $19.95

Why he wants this even though he doesn't know it yet:

The InstaBook is a square-format accordion book with black pages that you'll fill with pictures of things he loves: you, the kids, the family, the dog. It sits on his desk or dresser and creates an instant photo display. It also packs up instantly for easy portability on business trips.
Craft A Cocktail
Craft-A-Cocktail Mixologist Set $19.95

Why he wants this even though he doesn't know it yet:
Actually, he knows he wants this. We all have insecurities about our drink mixing skills, right? The best thing about this set is that the mixing jar includes recipes for 7 popular drinks.
Top 3 For Host or Hostess
Bottlelight - Rechargeable Light that Turns Bottles into Lamps $15.95

Why a host or hostess will be grateful for this gift:
Help your host transform the empties you create together into pretty nightlights for the home or garden! These Bottlelights come charged and simply stick in the top of a bottle like a cork. When the LED light dies, recharge using a USB charger. 
Dreidel Ice Cubes
Dreidel Ice Cubes $5

Why a host or hostess will be grateful for this gift:

These reusable Dreidel Ice Cubes add instant Hanukkah cheer to her Prosecco or his bourbon without watering down the drink! Or put them in a pitcher of water for instant decor.

Hanukkah Gold & Silver Metallic Temporary Tattoos
Hanukkah Gold & Silver Metallic Temporary Tattoos $12.95

Why a hostess will be grateful for this gift: 
What hostess doesn't want Hanukkah bling? As beautiful as jewelry, these temporary tattoos can be applied in infinite ways to create necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and more.


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