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{ Top 5 Sukkot Accessories } Plus Handy Sukkot Calendar Inside!

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Sukkot Items
Last Sunday, Jews across the world erected sukkahs in preparation for Sukkot that began on the eve of Wednesday, October 8th (15th of Tishrei, 5775). Sukkot concludes with Simchat Torah, rejoicing of the Torah, celebrating the end of the cycle of the annual reading of the Torah. Enjoy your time in the booth!
1. Shake with style in your Sukkah with a traditional set of the arba minim (four species): Lulav & Etrog are grown with care at special citron orchards in central Israel.
Lulav & Etrog Set
2.  Thirty yellow Sukkah Decorations - TREE, DOVE, and OLIVE BRANCH - with 20 feet of white ribbon make a beautiful garland or individual hanging decorations for your sukkah.
Modern Sukkah Decorations
3.  When your child is finished with these ten assorted Celebrating In The Sukkah Placemats, that are chock-full of sukkot and high-holiday images, cut out the pictures and string for sukkah decorations.
Celebrating in the Sukkah Placemats
4.  Small, Medium, and Large plush Torahs are a joyous accompaniment for little ones at Simchat Torah celebrations.
Plush Torah
5.  The white squiggles on rich earthy hues of Working Class Studio's Ben Collection Dinner Plates add playful sophistication to your sukkah table. Sturdy melamine means they are lightweight, durable, and reusable.
Ben Collection Dinner Plates
Erev Yom Kippur - Friday, October 3rd
Yom Kippur - Saturday, October 4th

Erev Sukkot - Wednesday, October 8th
Sukkot - Thursday, October 9th - Wednesday, October 15th
Simchat Torah - Thursday, October 16th

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