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Special Offer For ModernTribe Shoppers: Darshan Yeshiva

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ModernTribe has partnered with Darshan Yeshiva to offer you online learning free with purchase of any Seder Plate from between now and April 22, 2016. 

Simply purchase a Seder Plate and use code DARSHAN during checkout or mention DARSHAN in your order notes. 

By Friday, April 22, ModernTribe will send notification and instructions for how you can redeem this offer and get free access to Darshan Yeshiva's Comprehensive Jewish Studies Online Learning Program.


Darshan Yeshiva began as an online training resource for Jewish lay leaders who help lead people in Jewish prayer and ritual in the context of an independent Minyan (a quorum of ten people required for traditional Jewish public worship), or in other non-synagogue based ritual or worship. Darshan Yeshiva has grown to offer an online-facilitated Jewish Conversion in concert with a Rabbi from the Conservative, Reform, or Renewal Jewish movements or with a Post-Denominational Rabbi. 



Darshan Yeshiva's Comprehensive Jewish Studies program is a series of 130 classes that gives students a great understanding of the language, culture, history, practice and religion of the Jewish people. Learn the Hebrew Bible, prayer book Hebrew, the daily and Shabbat prayer services, Jewish history, art and literature, the lifecycle and holidays of the Jewish experience, and begin the process of thinking from a halachic (Jewish Law) perspective. Weekly Torah study is included in this series, as well as the majority of the classes from the Darshan training program.

Visit to see an overview of the contents of the Comprehensive Jewish Studies program and to learn more about Darshan Yeshiva's Darshan Program, Conversion Program, and other learning opportunities. 


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