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Only the third floor ceiling separates Vigo from heaven. Vigo frees whales, dances with wolves, and trains jellyfish not to sting. He is the son every mother would wish for her daughter: President of the Hug-a-Tree-Foundation, he eats grass, drinks dew, and wears recycled clothes. But the eco-image is spoiled by his addiction to smoking wheat sprout.

Forget those "Ug"ther dolls. Plushood dolls offer Israeli plush doll with quirky stuffed creatures who wear their neuroses on their tuchuses. Plushood dolls are included in the designer toy books Dot-Dot-Dash and Pictoplasma. Skate on the plushy cutting edge.

Vigo is one of five modern plushies who live in the same Tel Aviv high-rise in the neighborhood: PLUSHOOD.  He is 13" tall, soft and cuddly.  Plushood dolls are made for adults but kids will love them too!

Click "Views" to see Vigo\'s greatest fear.

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