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The tree of life is a universal symbol for the cycle of life. It starts with the seed, then grows a tree, which produces and drops more seeds to grow. This unique Tree of Life Necklace by Aimee Golant has twists in the branches reminiscent of the Hebrew letter Shin. Sterling silver pendant with diamond chips is on a sterling silver chain. SIZE: Pendant is 1.25" wide x 1" tall. Standard length is 16". You can personalize the necklace to any length up to 20". Click views to see the gold version on a model (to get a perspective of size of the pendant.)

Aimee Golant creates Shin Jewelry because of the universal nature of the meanings associated with this letter, the 2ist in the Hebrew Alphabet. Amy explains, "it is a symbol for the Source of Life, which is the same for all people."

The shape of the letter resembles a growth in nature, it is a perfect symbol for life! Some meanings for the letter in Hebrew are Shaddai, Shekenah, Shalom, and She'ma. Shaddai is the protective aspect of G-d, in Hebrew. Shekenah is another way of saying G-d in Hebrew, which is symbolic of the feminine aspect of G-d. Shalom means peace, and Shema literally means "hear," or awareness.

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